Wellness is a practice in subtlety, but not precision.
— Sandy
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After nearly 10 years of experience in clinical nutrition at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Sandy recognized the value of integrating her knowledge in nutrition, behavior change, yoga, and meditation/mindfulness -- and the significance of sharing this unique perspective to promote a cultural paradigm shift from the dispiriting model of dieting and health materialism, to wellness. To Sandy, health is a process, a very dynamic one, and related-practices are an incredible resource for daily living. Having grown up with a chemical engineer for a father, and a social worker for a mother, it was organic that Sandy's path envelops both science and spirit. 

Sandy is a licensed/Registered dietitian (completed a dietetic internship), Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC), and holds a Masters degrees in Nutrition. She has also have served on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Dietetic Association, and is a member of the MEDA Provider Network. Earlier in her career she interned at the British Nutrition Foundation in London, worked as nutrition consultant in food marketing, assisted Dr. Miriam Nelson with her StrongWomen program/books, and was a research assistant at Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition on several projects with Dr. Christina Economos (co-founder and Director of ChildObesity 180) including a study of college health behaviors, and a childhood/community health intervention. Based on the work with Dr. Economos, Sandy is grateful to be a supporting author of the Healthy Eating and Active Time Club Curriculum book. 

At MGH, she applied her clinical expertise to provide medical nutrition care to critically ill patients in the intensive care units, as well as on the Cardiology and General Medicine services. MGH is consistently ranked in the top 5 best hospitals by US New & World Reports.

Responding to her immense love and appreciation for Yoga, Sandy completed her Registered Yoga Teacher certification under PranaVayu founder, David Magone, followed by advanced teacher training with Ame Wren (founder of The Boston Yoga School), and studies with Raghunath on an annual Yoga pilgrimage in India. David Magone introduced Sandy to Buddhist philosophy and meditation over 10 years ago, which remains an important part of her personal practice - she also enjoys attending meditation groups and workshops at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center.   

Prescribing “do this” and “don’t do that” has a limited role in wellness, what’s more effective is exploring the core of why behaviors are maladaptive - i.e. incongruent with self-care - instead of nurturing the happiest healthiest version of one’s self.
— Sandy

In 2014, Sandy started a private nutrition practice dedicated to helping clients explore their relationship to food, body & movement, and is skilled in navigating the full context of associated thoughts, feelings, and influences. Being pro-wellness and wanting to reclaim the truest meaning of the word “health,” means that Sandy embraces a non-diet and Health At Every Size approach. She identifies with the role of "nutrition therapist" (vs diet-itian), and specializes in weight concerns, disordered and disorganized eating, body image, and mindful eating. Her approach considers well-being and how you feel as the priorities.

There was a time when Sandy was interested in proving everything through science. Now, she's interested in demonstrating through experience, informed by science. To paraphrase Jon Kabat-Zinn, our experiences are what teach us how to be human, that's our curriculum. Sandy enjoys sharing how internal awareness and the mind-body connection support health and happiness - finding that connection to the body elicits ease and clarity for individuals, while a disconnect perpetuates inner conflict and complicates decision-making. Through compassion, curiosity and inquiry, Sandy guides individuals to reveal their innate skills and knowledge in all aspects of wellness, and to develop trust in that intuition. She believes that once we find a more authentic relationship to the body and we tune in to our inner atmosphere (our natural biocalculators), then knowing how to best nourish ourselves becomes organic.

The integration of Sandy's experience and training is in understanding the circumstances of how behaviors relate to mental, spiritual, physical health and exploring the broad fluid contextual influences -- steering away from a strictly prescriptive approach, to fostering personal competence. 

With a hippie heart and a medical mind, Sandy provides private nutrition counseling, offers wellness lectures, and teaches vinyasa yoga classes. She continues to explore science and spirit through movement, the pursuit of clarity and consciousness, and by making learning a daily practice. See a selection of Sandy's projects here.