“Sandy is an extraordinary individual whose abilities are unparalleled. She partnered with our company to deliver wellness lectures customized from employee feedback, and the impact was transformational. She undoubtedly enhanced our culture and performance thrived. Our thanks go to Sandy for setting our team up for success!
— Monica Stoffel, VP of HR (ZeroTurnaround)

I offer speaking engagements for workplace or group settings on topics in mindfulness/meditation, nutrition, wellness, and yoga from my unique combination of training and experience. Lectures are engaging, uplifting, and - most importantly - impactful and useful! Cultivating skills around mindfulness and intuitive eating have demonstrable benefits for the emotional health of individuals and communities. From a kinder, calmer, more focused workplace, only good things can come!

Available talks include: 

  • Authentic Eating: An Mindful Approach to Nutrition
  • Mindfulness Part I: How to Get the Most out of Moments
  • Mindfulness Part II: Putting Pauses into Practice
  • The Science of Stress & Chilling Out
  • Changing Lenses: from Weight to Well-being
  • Nutrition: Hot Topics & Fun Facts

Note that I do not speak on diet tips or weight loss, as those approaches are not supported by scientific literature and, in fact, conflict with achieveing effective behavior change.

Inquires: Sandra.K.Klemmer@gmail.com

Sandy Klemmer