Nutrition is an anchor into wellness, an invitation to nourish all levels of our being.
— Sandy

Sandra Klemmer, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC, RYT

Healthful, intuitive eating can be a pathway to finding an organic rhythm to life as a whole and a deeper self-knowing. Being pro-wellness and wanting to reclaim the truest meaning of the word “health,” means that Sandy embraces a non-diet and Health At Every Size approach. I identify more closely with the role of "nutrition therapist" than diet-itian, which give a sense of my work (a non-"diet" approach). I intelligently explore  concerns and values in order to achieve goals and to change how individuals think about food, behaviors, and body. I believe that food is about pleasure and nourishment, not fear and deprivation; that internal data (our "biocalculator") guides our choices, not weight, grams or calories; that knowledge does not equate with behavior change; that every body is valuable as a birth right; and that every being already posses what they need to be truly content and happy. Through an understanding of nutrition science and behavior change, I help clients step out of the "should do-, should eat-" mentality (the harmful belief that one's body needs to be "fixed") and learn to make healthy choices by tapping into their intuition and trusting their insight (a trust in the body). This redirects thought processes from self judgment and criticism (which stifle change) to acceptance and curiosity (where change happens!). After all, wellness is a practice in subtlety, but not precision.

Nutrition is beautifully complex! and moreover, it is dynamic. Our bodies, needs and choices will change each day and throughout our lives. We can learn to balance internal senses/awareness, experience, and food/nutrition knowledge in a way that feels just right. The integration of my experience and training is in understanding the circumstances of how behaviors form and exploring the broad contextual influences (social, physical, mental) -- steering away from a strictly prescriptive approach, to fostering personal competence in honoring health as a dynamic process. 

Together, we will create enough space to ask & explore the important questions. Paraphrasing Jon Kabat-Zinn, our experiences are what teach us how to be human, that's our curriculum. We can learn deeply from paying attention to our food experiences. Rather than searching for answers, the process is more about uncovering the knowledge you already have: to develop trust that your body knows precisely the nutrients it needs and the ways it needs to move & play. Once we find a more authentic connection to the body, decisions about how to best nourish ourselves become easeful and organic.

Compassion - on your part and mine -
is the grease for change to occur.
— Sandy

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I work with clients 18 years old & up.

All bodies are welcome.

I accept Harvard Pilgrim, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts Health Plan, and Allways Health (previously Neighborhood Health Plan). Services may be eligible for reimbursement through health insurance.

Specializations include:

  • Eating disorders (I am a member of the MEDA Provider Network)

  • Disordered, dysregulated, and disorganized eating

  • Health behavior change (I work from a Health At Every Size - or HAES - approach: our work is guided by the behaviors & wellbeing, not your weight)

  • Body image

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for heart health - including management of cholesterol, heart disease, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure

  • Exploring the role of nutrition in self-care

  • Mindful & intuitive eating